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Pilates at YBC

Pilates / Cardio

Pilates is a fun and dynamic way to tone and shape your body with low impact to your joints and high results to your body. The benefits are increased flexibility, strength, bone density and mental balance. Pilates develops core abdominal strength tones and defines your body

The Pilates classes offered at Your Body Center , Houston TX, are open to ALL fitness levels.

You are having so much fun, you don't even realize you are working out.

We offer modifications for more advanced postures that allow our classes to be challenging for both beginner and experienced students. If you have health or physical concerns, we can offer you suitable modifications. Pilates is adaptable for mostly everyone.

Pilates Ball,   Pilates BandYour Body Barre

Now offering Barre Class Sundays @ 4 pm

Suggested Materials:
Yoga mat and a towel. We have mats at no coast for non-heated class

Pilates Ball   60 min

Pilates with Balls Pilates-Ball is a high energy class with fast paced music which develops core abdominal strength.

Using the ball and your body as resistance, we can work your entire body with minimal stress to your joint.

This class is open to all levels and is perfect for toning, trimming down, and building core abdominal strength. Modifications for all fitness levels are offered and students are encouraged to work at their own pace.

Be prepared to work and have fun!!

Pilates Band    60 min

Pilates with Bands Bands will sculpt, tone, and firms your body. Making you look and feel good.

Combining traditional Pilate's poses, strength poses, and core work, this class will tone your arms, abs, legs, and hips. This is a high intensity workout with low impact to the joints. We give plenty of modifications to help first-time students as well as our intense diehards who are looking to take the workout to the next level. 

What stopping you? Embrace it and let it change your body!

Your Body Barre   60 min

Your Body BarreYour Body Barre is perfect for students of all skill levels. Focusing on trimming and firming legs, hips and gluteus.

This class combines basic ballet exercises, Pilates, cardio and footwork. This class uses the ballet barre to achieve better balance and strength while elongating the spine and toning the gluteus and core muscles. This is Fun, Fun, Fun!

This is perfect for all ages and skill levels.

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