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Yoga At YBC
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Pilates at YBC

Pilates / Cardio

Offers many benefits such as increased flexibility, strength, bone density and mental balance.
Pilates develops core abdominal strength tones and defines your body

The Pilates classes offered at Your Body Center are open to all fitness levels. We offer modifications for more advanced postures that allow our classes to be challenging for both beginner and experienced students. If you have health or physical concerns, we can offer you suitable modifications. Pilates is adaptable for mostly everyone.
PilatesPilates Ball,   Tae Bo® Your Body Barre

Suggested Materials:
Yoga sticky mat and a towel. We have mats at no coast for non-heated class

Pilates    60 min

PilatesIn addition to muscle toning, stretching and relaxation, Pilates develops core abdominal strength, so that whatever activity is undertaken, the skeleton is supported and the spine protected. Pilates techniques work deep abdominal muscles to provide a "powerhouse" of strength to support the spine. This class is perfect for all levels.

Instructor:  Talina Grimes

Pilates Ball   60 min

Pilates with Balls In addition to muscle toning and stretching, Pilates-Ball develops core abdominal strength, so that whatever activity is undertaken, the skeleton is supported and the spine protected. Using the ball and your body as resistance, we can work your entire body with minimal stress to your joints. This class is open to all levels and is perfect for toning and trimming down.

This class is a high energy class with fast paced music. Modifications for all fitness levels are offered and students are encouraged to work at their own pace. Be prepared to work.

Instructors:  Ernesto Cardenas

Pilates Band    60 min

Pilates with Bands Bands will sculpts and firms your body. Combining traditional Pilate's poses, strength poses, and core work to tone your arms, abs, legs, and hips. This is an intense workout, but we give plenty of modifications to help first-time students as well as our intense diehards who are looking to take the workout to the next level. Don't be afraid of this class, embrace it and let it change your body.

Instructors:  Ernesto Cardenas

Tae Bo®    60 min

Tae Bo at Your Body CenterTae Bo® Fitness is the revolutionary total body workout that was created by Grand Master Billy Blanks in the 80’s. It enhances your strength, speed, agility, and mental awareness by combining aspects from Boxing and Martial Arts with the rhythm of dance. Adding this trio of technique and skill to adrenaline racing music gives the workout energy and rhythm, which improves coordination and cardiovascular health as you learn to unleash the power you hold within!

Christi Workman will be teaching Tae Bo® every Friday at 6 pm. As all our Friday evening classes, refreshments are provided, grapes, strawberries, and Jello ….

Your Body Barre   60 min

Your Body BarreYBB is perfect for students new to Pilates and yoga and ideal for more advanced students who would like to push themselves to the next level. It focuses on using the ballet barre to achieve better balance and strength, while elongating the spine and toning the gluts and core muscles. The class combines basic ballet exercises, standing yoga poses, Pilates and footwork. Sculpt, tone, and firm your body with beautiful legs and elongate muscles.

This is perfect for all ages and skill levels.

Instructors:  Karen Miles

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