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Aerial Yoga- Click for vidio

Aerial Yoga/TRX

Use Gravity to Stretch and Tone Your Body

Aerial yoga is for almost everyone especially beginners and requires no special skills!

We have modification for a beginner to more advance for our students so don't be intimidated. Most of the poses are done with a low basket and we move the basket up for inversions and other poses.

The purpose of the hammock is to eliminate compression in the joints, strengthens the core, shoulder, torso and back muscles, increase spinal and shoulder flexibility and prevent back strain. Suspension and gravity work together to relive tension and align the body to open energy pathways, increase chi, and enhance brain functionality.    

Aerial Yoga uses yoga hammock designed with an adjustable, basket and two side straps, offering three handles attached at various levels, using the Om Gym style. With Aerial hammock, students can safely and comfortably maneuver into and out of poses while making it possible to control the depth of each individual pose.

Aerial Yoga Classes Offered:
Aerial Yoga, Aerial MixedAerial Fit - TRX,  Aerial Yoga Parties
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As Featured in Great Day Houston with Debra Duncan (As featured on Great Day Houston, Click to view)Aerial Yoga- Click for vidio

Tips before you attend: Bring your yoga mat (or you can borrow one of ours.) For the best experience, do not eat one to two hours before the class.  This class is not recommended for anyone weighing over 300 lbs. Aerial Yoga is not recommended for pregnant women or anyone with extremely high blood pressure.  Aerial Yoga is traditionally not advisable for women who are menstruating. (You can absolutely do class, It will not hurt you, but yoga philosophy states that inversions at this time will upset the energetic balance).

If you come to class, please be aware of your body and only do what feels comfortable for you, and hold inversions only as long as you enjoy being upside down.It takes three minutes to gain all the benefits of inversions for lymph cleansing.  

Note: Due to the limited number of swings (18), we are going to recommend that people sign up online in advance for classes that they wish to attend. The people who have signed up will be given priority. If you're not sure if you can attend, you're welcome to come as a drop in, and if there's room, we will be delighted to accommodate you. Because of this policy, we may have to turn some people away, so it's very important that if you sign up, you attend class. If for any reason you have to cancel, there will be a charge policy. Exemptions, of course, for emergency situations.

Studio Etiquette

Aerial Yoga     75 - 90 min

Aerial Yoga Shavasana Aerial Yoga uses the the swing as a yoga prop to help you advance in your practice.

With our Aerial Yoga class we will focus on the more traditional mat poses, using the aerial swing and handles as a tool to help support and increase the effectiveness of your pose. These classes have a slow pace and they are perfect for beginners, yogis trying to increase there flexibility, and for more advance yogis trying to get deeper into a pose. This class is a great introduction to Aerial Yoga.

All classes are open to beginners with each class focusing on different outcomes.

Aerial TRX    60 - 75 min

If you want to tone and change your body, this is the class for you!

Aerial TRX will work towards building up your strength to enable you to prepare for stronger, more difficult inversions. This class has many option for beginners and more advance students.

A portion of these classes will be dedicated to core building poses, arm strengthening sequences, and a portion of the class will be geared towards using the swing and handles for yoga inversions, used to relieve compressed joints and to bring greater alignment to the spine. Abs, arms, back will be strengthened and toned, using small movement, the yoga swing and your own body weight. The instructor will use this swing in more of a TRX(Total Body Resistance Exercise) style of workout.

TRX uses the the aerial swing and your own body weight to increase strength. By moving forward and backwards on the mat you can increase or decrease your body weight allowing for beginners and more advance students to work at their own level.

We start off slow and moved to more advance posses. Beginners are welcomed.

Aerial Mix    75 - 90 min

Aerial Yoga SupermanAerial Mix will continue with the yoga mat poses, adding strength moves, as well as using the swing fabric for yoga inversions to relieve compressed joints and to bring greater alignment to the spine. We will add in strength moves using TRX and core building work for a mix of flexibility and strength. Every class will explore a series of postures meant to elicit a sense of weightlessness while forming new relationships with gravity.

The instructor will assess the class and may use more advanced poses and inversions or take it back to a more basic, restorative practice, depending on the level of the students.

We start off slow and moved to more advance posses. Beginners are welcomed!

Aerial Parties     75 - 90 min

Looking for exciting and unique ways to celebrate a special occasion? Aerial Parties are fun and a great way to experience quality time with your friends.

Come fly with us.

90 min Session * MAX: 18 People capacity * you are welcome to bring refreshments

Call 713-874-0800 for more details or stop by the front desk

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